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Probably the most important element of growing your company is promotion and marketing. This is big. But it doesn’t need to be expensive or overwhelming. It simply involves taking a comprehensive and coordinated initiative to develop a plan, apply it, and push it forward.

The ultimate goal of marketing is to build
brand awareness, transmit messages
improve communication and values
to key audiences.

What makes an effective marketing strategy?

Every marketing strategy is different. There are no rules, however, there are a few key ingredients to ensuring we have an effective plan in place. Every strategy should involve careful evaluation, market research, analytics and most importantly, some creative ideas and enthusiasm! Here are just a few of the factors…

Online Footprint | Brand Awareness | SEO | Social Media | Communication | Campaigns
Quality Content | Print + Media | Link Building | Statistics + Reporting
… and that’s just the beginning.


Online presence + brand awareness.

Leave your mark on the world with a solid online presence and brand. It’s the very first step in establishing a footprint and is the foundation of your marketing strategy. A quality website and brand will help you stand out and get noticed when marketing your company. It is the reason why marketing is most effective once you have invested the time and resources into creating an engaging and inspiring web + brand experience.


The science of optimizing search engines.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most effective and important online marketing strategies. And, no, its not just about ad words and keywords. It is something that is weaved into the development of your website right from the start. The goal is to evolve into a natural, organic search result, a high rank, within your target market. This is significantly more valuable than simply paying for ad space. A few key factors of SEO…

Code & Structure

It takes meticulous attention to adjust a website’s code, content and structure to gain optimal results with SEO. It is the developer’s responsibility to integrate clean code and sensible structure from the beginning. After all, what is the point of having a beautiful website, but it is invisible to the world?

Rich Content

Content is king. This is where you come in. By providing us with rich, quality and relevant content, copy and information, we are able to create that unique online niche that search engines crave. Repetitive, static content and word-stuffing can actually hurt your SEO significantly and eventually make your site virtually non-existant.

Visibility & Indexing

It is every developer’s challenge to ensure a website is, and remains, visible on a search engine’s result page, and many do not take the time to do what is necessary. For example, images and graphics should be re-named appropriately, so that Google or other search engines can recognize what it is they are indexing.

Link Building

Links that point to your website work much like a vote, almost as if it were a popularity contest. Link building and creating relevant backlinks is an essential factor in SEO. Linking with other endorsing businesses within your industry, your local Chamber or other reputable websites is a step in the right direction. Google is smart, and unrelated, illogical link building can have the reverse effect.

Mobile Friendly

This is not just big, it’s huge. It is critical to ensure your website is fully mobile-friendly and compatible on all devices, as Google is now actively discouraging non-moblie-friendly sites from indexing on mobile searches. Plus, a user’s experience on their mobile device is one of the most important factors in driving and keeping traffic coming to your website.

Give it Time

Time is often all you need to see your rankings improve. As long as you have built a solid online presence, a quality SEO-optimized website developed by a professional, rich content, relevant links, and is mobile-friendly to boot, then its just a matter of having patience. Keep in mind, claiming the #1 spot naturally on search engines is never a guarantee. We are all ultimately at the mercy of Google.


Social media has undeniably changed the way brands and customers communicate.

There are a variety of social media platforms available to business owners, but not all are appropriate or necessary for your company. LinkedIn, for example, is not a social platform, rather a professional exchange of endorsements that may not be useful for certain businesses but great for business-to-business interaction.

We have found that a social + professional platform such as Facebook, provides useful communication tools for nearly any industry. Most people these days use Facebook, which is why we encourage our clients to take advantage of what it has to offer for marketing their business.

Facebook Advertising + Campaigns.

Facebook is one of the top-performing platforms for business owners. We help our clients create, promote, campaign and manage their profiles to ultimately boost website traffic, lead generation, influenced sales and ultimately, their brand.

We encourage the use of Campaigns. These help introduce and engage new followers, who could potentially turn into a new customer.  The way we leverage campaigns is to create engaging advertisements, laser-target a specific, relevant audience, and finally, analyze data and optimize ads based on the results.

print + media.

Multi-media marketing.

These days, there are endless ways to market and promote your business. One of the oldest media outlets is print. Magazines/editorials, advertisements, and corporate material are a few of the items we design. Consistency is key when integrating print media into your marketing plan.

Other forms of media include video/film, radio advertising, billboards + signage and other creative online outlets. We love new media opportunities and provide our clients with consultation on what may be most beneficial for them.

Green Moose Media collaborates with a several multi-talented
media companies, freelancers, filmmakers and photographers,
who are experts in their respective fields.
Contact us directly for details.


Statistics + Analysis + Reporting.

Marketing your business can be a big investment. That is why it is essential to know what’s working, and most importantly, what’s not. Having accurate, clear and live statistics at our fingertips provides us with that valuable feedback, so we can tweak and refine ongoing marketing efforts.


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